Murakami Shōdō (1776-1841) 村上松堂 – Waterfall – 滝

$10,000.00 CAD

Born in Kyoto, Murakami-san studied under the great Ganku, who was one of the top painters of tigers, bird and flower compositions, and water and waterfalls, -something that Murakami-san himself mastered will great skill as we can see from this piece, which is even more impressive when seen in person. He was also good at sansui (landscapes) and figure paintings. His real names were Atsushi and Shigeatsu and his other painter names were Motoatsu, Tokugo and Kodai. He is held in the
Shizuoka prefectural museum of art, the Bukkyo University library as well as other private and prestigious collections. The brush-strokes of this waterfall are full of a muscular confidence that spill over into a room – a mist softly rising from its depths. As Ganku and his sons set a fairly high bar for paitings of tigers, Murakami-san may have focused his attention on other subject matter so as not to compete directly with his mater’s family. A larger size scroll, this would have initially been sold to a samurai, noble-man, or wealthy merchant-class family / patron. Paintings by Murakami-san do not often come up for sale.

The piece has normal toning for its age and small damages, but is still very enjoyable and is an excellent example of a late-Edo period blend of Kishi school and Shijo school painting*Please click the top left corner of the pictures to enlarge them. **This scroll is in proper storage. Please request a viewing 3 days in advance.

28″ x 78″ – $10,000 – Price includes shipping worldwide! Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity and 3 hours worth of further reading and documentary viewing. All prices in Canadian dollars. 


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