Murase Shusui – 村瀬 秋水(1794-1876) – Winter Landscape – 冬山水

$325.00 CAD


Murase-san was born the third son of Murase Takatada, headman of Kamiarichi Village , Mugi County, Mino Province (present-day Mino City, Gifu Prefecture ) . When he was young, he studied painting with Chō Gessō, and Noro Kaiseki . When he was 44 years old, he visited Tetsuo Somon in Nagasaki, and continued his studies with masters of the Southern School, receiving direct transmission from the ancient masters of China.

In 1852, he left his hometown for 20 years and devoted himself to painting. This coincided with being appointed as Kojoyama magistrate (mountain guardian).

The signature and top seal can be matched with the second-last image, which is from a Japanese research paper (Japanese artists have many seals in one lifetime). Normal, still very enjoyable condition for its age, owing to the fact that the mounting artisan was no doubt one of the top mounting artisans, and after more than 140 years there is still no worrisome seam separation. Noticeable creases (all properly reinforced with the best tape imported from Japan). *This scroll looks very different in a wonderful way when enjoyed in natural light, because it was painted before electricity and the techniques lend itself to look its best without artificial light.

18″ x 73″ – $325 – Price includes shipping worldwide! Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity and an email with links to roughly 3 hours-worth of further reading and documentary viewing related to the piece. All prices in Canadian dollars. Shipped in an industrial strength tube with layers of bubble-wrap.

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