Myōshin-ji Komori Yoshiho (act. Shōwa-Reiwa) – 妙心寺、小森義保 (作画期:昭和-令和) – Hoho Kore Dōjō – 歩々是道場 – “Everywhere Is The Dōjō”


Komori Yoshiho is an abbot at Myōshin-ji, where he leads a life of meditation, contemplation, the study and  teaching of Buddhist sutras, koans and phrases, as well as crafting pottery for traditional tea ceremony and the brushing of calligraphy for tea ceremony and meditation.

Hoho Kore Dōjō – 歩々是道場 – “Everywhere Is The Dōjō” has a very straightforward interpretation. You are learning, anywhere you are, at every moment, -so be humble, calm, and take the opportunity to become enlightened by what is around you and by what state of mind you are in. This scroll, is of course, perfect for those training in any of the martial arts. Excellent condition. With original inscribed box.

14″ x 71″. – $300 CAD –  . Comes with a sealed document of authenticity and 3 hours worth of further reading and documentary viewing. Price includes shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars.

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