Nishida Chikusen – 西田竹僊 (1879-1951) – Waterfall – 滝

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Nishida-san is one of many artists who came up in the school of the great Suzuki Shōnen (170 years since birth / 100 years since death exhibition here). Shōnen gave Nishida his painter’s name “Chikusen”, which uses the kanji character for bamboo and the kanji for fairy or sprite, and was originally part of Shōnen’s birth name (most Japanese artists take one or more painter names in their lifetime and are often given one or more of them by various masters). From this, we can safely assume that one of his specialties was brushing bamboo. “Shōnen”, who was a master of brushing pines, is roughly translated as “pine year”, “pine harvest” or “pine life”. After teaching and participating in exhibitions for many years in Kyoto, he returned home to Aioi and stayed busy painting for hanging scrolls, folding screens and sliding doors. He was part of a retrospective of the students of Suzuki Hyakunen and his son Suzuki Shōnen in 2013 and 2019. Fair condition (light stains and light foxing). Waterfalls are auspicious as a zen reflection of one’s energy and vitality and are good luck for wealth pouring in. Please click the arrow on the upper left corner of the pictures to expand them.


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