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Nishijima Katsuyuki – 西嶋勝之 (b. 1945) – Kiōgan Traditional Medicines – 油小路の秦家住宅の漢方や


Nishijima-san is a current elder statesman of the Kyoto woodblock scene. His pieces have been delighting lovers of traditional scenes of the city for decades. They range from dynamic, manageable medium-sized pieces like this one, to pieces much larger, which are strikingly impressive. Nishijima-san started to exhibit by age 20 and by the late 60’s was also stencil printing. Some of his many personal exhibitions have been in Tokyo, San Francisco, Sydney, etc. and he is held in museum and private collections around the world. This building, which can be seen here, was a traditional medicine business that was established in ancient times (c. 1700) and this structure dates to 1869. It is an officially designated cultural asset. The final image indicates that its cultural documentation has been ongoing for some time. Signed and titled by the artist. Excellent condition.

7.5″ x 10.25″ (image size) in original folder with artist photo and notes.


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