Nishiyama Hideo – 西山英雄 (1911-1989) – Mt. Neko, Kumamoto – 阿蘇根子岳 – 1969


Commonly called “Nekodake”, Mt. Neko is one of the five Aso mountains named after a shape at the top that makes it resemble a cat. It is the foremost symbol of Takamori. They say that its majestic appearance makes it seem like it is watching over the town. It has different points of ascension that are approached by beginner all the way to advanced climbers. It is also notable for how its scenery changes with the seasons. The final image shows the real deal… -no wonder artists love to paint it!

Nishiyama Hideo was the nephew of Nishiyama Suisho, and was greatly admired during his lifetime. A graduate of the Kyoto University of the Arts, he won many prizes in exhibition, as well as a prize from the Japan Art Academy. For a time, he was chairman of the Kyoto Painters Association and was awarded the highly esteemed “Person of Cultural Merit, Kyoto City’.

In excellent condition. Hand-printed original from 1969. It is tipped to the title card at the top verso. It will look lovely when framed by an experienced framing artisan.

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6.5″ x 8.75″ – Price includes shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. Comes with a document of authenticity and 3 hours worth of further reading and documentary viewing in an email containing external links.

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