Ogata Gekkō – 尾形月耕 (1859–1920) – “Studying Song Lyrics” – From “Fujin Fuzoku Zukushi” (The Manners and Customs of Ladies) – 婦人風俗尽 – 歌むしろ – 1891

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This Lavenberg Collection link details Ogata-san’s early biography, initial international success, prizes at exhibitions and great contributions to the artform of woodblock printing, whose existence at the time was being contested by other forms of printing that sprang forth from the industrial revolution. This scene shows a young lady showing her calligraphy of song lyrics to a master of calligraphy, poetry and songwriting. It is written on a “tanzaku“, -which is a long strip of washi paper. Her progress will be commented on and she will be encouraged to perfect certain lines with continued practice. Signed “Gekkō”  and sealed “Tatsu chi fu gai 龍 治風 外.”

Expert carving and hand-printing. Exquisite details. Good, normal condition (light crease, trimmed margins). *Click the top left corner of each picture after enlarging them, to enlarge them even further!

8.5″ x 12.75″ – $200 CAD – Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity. Price includes shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. Also comes with 3 hours worth of further reading and documentary viewing in the form of an email with links.

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