Okada “Uo(furu?)mori” – 岡田魚降森 (Act. Shōwa period – 昭和時代) – Crabs – 蟹

$300.00 CAD


Okada-san was a founding member of the reinstituted Shinkou-ten Painting Society. It was first founded in 1938, as an alternative to what some members found to be a constrictive and non-inclusive Nihon Bijutsuin. This was standard in Japan for many decades following the Meiji restoration of 1868. Artists, who can be very individualistic, on many an occasions, disagreed with the way the prominant state-sponsored exhibitions were run, staffed and dominated by the top artists, teachers and critics of the day. As a result, there were dozens of splinter factions that sprang up and started their own groups, schools and exhibitions. Okada-san’s tenure with the newly reformed Shinkou-ten began in 1951. Beyond that public record, there is not much more biographical information to be found. His pieces turn up on the market infrequently, -but they do keep apprearing. His very unique style and original techniques make us think that he may have been more concerned about doing something time-consumingly special and dear to his heart, and therefore, created fewer pieces. Also, he may have had a second profession.

The ancient, auspicious symbolism of the crab is, “acheiving one’s desired place in the heirarchy” (because crabs, rightfully so, understand with a very ancient part of their brains, that struggle is inevitable, and so, regularly engage in the endless reorganization of the hierarchal order).

The last two photos are the only public photos available of Okada-san. We are intrigued by this artist and will be returning to do further research that we hope will help shed more light on this unique individual. The question marks beside his “go” (art name) mean that we are not 100% sure of how it is translated. This is not common, but happens on occasion. The middle kanji character is most uncommon. It could be a statement about the fall of fishing villages during WWII. This scroll is in very good condition.

29″ x 54″ – $300 – Price includes shipping worldwide! Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity and an email with links to roughly 3 hours worth of further reading and documentary viewing related to the piece. All prices in Canadian dollars.

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