Okada Yoshiko – 岡田 嘉子 (act. Heisei-Reiwa Period) – Hana Mu Shin – 花無心 – The Flower Is Innocent – In Signed Box

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Hana Mu Shin – 花無心 – “The Flower Is Innocent”, or, literally, “Flower”, “Nothingness”, “Heart-Mind”, is about as multi-layered a Zen phrase as a flower is layered with petals. For starters, it means that a flower is innocent and beautiful, as it knows nothing of the impetuousness of the human mind. It also has innocent meetings with butterflies and bees etc… …which is tethered to the Zen belief in “One Time, One Meeting”, wherein an enlightened mind will hold each moment of each meeting as an opportunity to either benefit as the butterfly and flower benefit, or be led astray by hubris, arrogance or one of the many other distractions of the mind that lead to ill-formed preconceptions of others. We can say that this happens when the laws of nature are replaced by the poorly formed images of unenlightened people. The flower doesn’t bloom with the intention being there for a specific butterfly, and it is only a butterfly with virtuous intent that can take the nectar from the flower. Can I cherish each encounter and leave it with innocence and virtue? Can I retain the essence of the beauty of nature as we accidentally encounter each other? Please click the top left corner of each picture after opening them to expand them.

This young artist, Okada-san, is excellent with a brush, and should have biographical information come to light in the not too distant future. Excellent condition! Double box -with original, signed, artisan-made wood box, and proper second outer box.

Sale! $250 CAD – LONG! – 19″ x 79″. Comes with a sealed document of authenticity and 3 hours worth of further reading and documentary viewing. Price includes shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. 

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