Okumura Toshinobu – 奥村利信 (Act: c. 1717-1740s) – Yamashita Kinsaku as Oiso no Tora – 山下金作が大磯のとらで出演

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From the Samurai Wiki:

Okumura Toshinobu was an ukiyo-e artist and pupil of Okumura Masanobu. Possibly Masanobu’s adopted son, he is believed to be the only artist of note to have trained directly with the latter. He specialized in, and excelled at, smaller urushi-e prints of beautiful women or girls.

Though his master self-published, most of Toshinobu’s works were not published by Masanobu. Ukiyo-eexpert Richard Lane suggests this may have reflected Masanobu’s publishing operation being too busy, or that the master believed Toshinobu’s work would benefit from an outside editorial eye.

The urushi-e on this piece is lush, thick and opulent. Pictures can not do it justice. Fine impression lines stand out on the kimono patterns. Made in the exact traditional manner as the original and comes in the original viewing folder with the accompanying notes (in Japanese). Date: Shōwa periodThis print is rare and difficult to acquire.

-12″ x 6″ (image size). Excellent condition. Will look very elegant in the right lacquered frame. – Free shipping worldwide! 


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