Ozeki Keishu – 尾関圭舟 (1883-1963) – Sansui – 山水

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Born in Nagoya, Ozeki-san was a student of Hibino Hakkei. One of his successes was being selected for the Tokai Art Exhibition in China. One of his last awards was a silver at the Gifu Art Exhibition. After WWII, Ozeki-san practiced an ancient style that used 3 large areas of negative space to break up different levels of landscape subject matter. Not only was this effective in creating a feeling of spaciousness, it allowed him to save money on paint. The importance of saving money as an artist after the war, when so many people were starving and dying of dysentery can not be understated. He also saved money by carving his own name stamp and mixing his own pigment for it. These practices lasted for many years until his financial stability allowed him to be more liberal with his supplies. Stains along the lower (chi) part of the mounting, otherwise good condition.


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