Painted Woodblocks from the Fan-shaped Booklet From The Lotus Sutra, Pages 4 & 5 – 扇面法華経冊子

$400.00 CAD

This limited edition is the only way a select few people are able to own and appreciate the hand-painted woodblocks of this 12th century edition of the Lotus Sutra depicting noble courtiers. The originals are National Treasures held in the Tokyo Museum on behalf of Shittenō-ji Temple. The authorities of those institutions worked together to allow master craftsmen Sadao Uetani (b. 1940 – also a woodblock print designer) and Shinsho Jitsumori to reproduce the art without the sutras written over-top of them. This print is of pages 4 & 5. The printing is of the highest quality found in woodblock print making, with some colours so thick that a three-dimensional quality is taken on. The gold and silver leaf are used with the same decorative care as in ancient times. Excellent condition. Thick torinoko ganpi paper. In original double folder. Date: Shōwa period.

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