Saeki Ganryō 佐伯岸良 also known as Utanosuke 雅楽助 (1798-1852) – Hawk In Pine Tree – 松の木の上の鷹

$15,000.00 CAD

First came Kishi Ganku, founder of the Kishi school of painting, who arrived in Kyoto around 1780 after studying the work of Chinese painter Shen Nanpin and the Maruyama Shijo school. Fusing elements of those styles, he created his own and soon found himself a favorite among wealthy patrons who greatly admired his paintings of Tigers, Dragons, and all manner of birds and flowers (kacho-ga, or, “-e” in japanese). His style and techniques were passed down to many students, including the painter of this piece, his son-in-law, Ganryō (who received the “Gan” for his artist name from his father-in-law).

The brushwork of the feathers and the masterful strokes exacted to create the pine needles are truly remarkable and indicative of only the best painters of the Kishi School. He is held in the permanent collections of Guimet Museum, -Paris, Daigo-ji Temple, Kyoto, and the Sato Memorial Art Museum  -to name a few.

Please click here to view the affordable lakeside landscape piece I have by his master, Ganku, and here to view the gorgeous waterfall by his friend and fellow Kishi school artist, Murakami Shōdō (which was probably mounted by the same artisan who mounted this piece, -as I see many consistencies and similarities in the craftsmanship). Good normal condition for its age (small damages, creases and toning). Larger than average size prestige piece. With original black lacquered jikusaki (roller ends).

The final picture shows how we can create a Japanese space in your home for winter with this scroll. Scroll, vase, foliage, fuchin (scroll weights), riser consultation and installation, and complete installation is priced at $15,500 CAD for the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) (that is a 50% discount on the installation because this is one of our prestige pieces). Please contact us if you are considering this option and watch the video featuring this scroll here.

30″ x 77″ – $15,000 – Price includes shipping worldwide! Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity. All prices in Canadian dollars. 

Location: B Cabinet

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