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Sakata Kosetsu 1871-1935 bSakata Kosetsu 1871-1935 cSakata Kosetsu 1871-1935 dSakata Kosetsu 1871-1935 eSakata Kosetsu 1871-1935 gSakata Kosetsu 1871-1935 hSakata Kosetsu 1871-1935 iSakata Kosetsu 1871-1935 jSakata Kosetsu 1871-1935 k

Sakata Kosetsu – 坂田耕雪 – (1871-1935) – Sansui – 山水

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These photos can not do justice to the gorgeous colours in this fine piece by Sakata-san. Strong, richly-layered pigments were used as he fused ancient and modern techniques in this piece of Nihonga to create a unique landscape, -the sort of which was helping usher in new styles of Japanese art. Born in Kanazawa, his real name was Mansuke. After being a student of Ogata Gekkō (who gave him the “ata” in his name), he went on to specialize in figure drawings and paintings and won a top prize in exhibition in 1914. Sakata was an illustrator for some of the Osaka Mainichi Shimbun‘s many serial novels. One of his woodblock prints is held in the Yokohama Art Museum, and there is one in the National Library of Australia. This type of painting being very time consuming, there are not many pieces like this of his that become available for purchase. In his later years he focused much of this time on Noh paintings. His Japanese Wikipedia page is here. Good condition (normal ageing, wrinkles, tiny bit of foxing).

SOLD. Thank-you!

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