Sharaku Toshusai – 東洲斎 写楽 – Segawa Tomisaburô II as Yadorigi, Wife of Ôgishi Kurando – 二代目瀬川富三郎の大岸蔵人妻やどり木


The chrysanthemums on the kimono are, since ancient times, symbolic of The Imperial Family, as well as cleansing, higher learning, healing, longevity, and is one of the ‘gentleman flowers’ (a symbol of autumn). During his time, Segawa-san was a highly regarded actor but probably did not live past the age of 50 and not much is known about his early life. Most of his career he played supporting onnagata roles. Strong mica pigments. Impressions that made the hairline are superb. Made in the exact traditional manner as the original and comes in the original viewing folder with the accompanying notes (in Japanese – links to English notes available upon request). Date: Shōwa period.

-12″ x 8″ (image size). Excellent condition. Will look very elegant in the right black frame. – Free shipping worldwide! 

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