Sumiyoshi Hironao (1781-1828) – Hanami – 花見

$15,000.00 CAD

Painted by Sumiyoshi Hironao (1781 – 1828), son of Sumiyoshi Hiroyuki and one of his best students (similar skills passed down and preserved). This is what a samurai should truly aspire to – peacefully enjoying the sakura blooming. The technique of rendering the sakura as if being obscured by mist or fog is a common device since ancient times and is especially effective on byōbu, to help create more of a feeling of open space. A piece of Sumiyoshi-san’s similar to this one is held in The Smithsonian. Normal condition. Good old mounting is still very strong and has a charming patina.

61″ x 18″ – $15,000 – Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity. Free shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. 

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