Suwabe Chokutei – 諏訪部直亭(1868-1940) – Boatman & Willow – 船頭と柳 – w/ original box.

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Chokutei was born Toyosaburo Mokichi in Nagano, and because he showed a talent for art, calligraphy and Buddhist studies at a young age, he was adopeted in the Suwabe family, who controlled the Suwabe domain that used to exist in Nagano. His first high-ranking master was the great Kodama Katei. This was follwed by studies with the even more legendary samurai Tanomura Chokunyu. To show his gratitude to his masters and cement his place in the school of southern literati artists, he took the “choku” character from Chokunyu, and the “tei” character from Katei, and became “Chokutei”. In his late 40’s, he was still keen to learn, and studied in Kyoto with Tajika Chikuson and Tanaka Hakuin. This piece was acquired in Kyoto.

He is held in the Nagano Art Museum (entry no. 21), the Shinano Art Museum (entry no. 6), the private collections of temples and other prestigious collections. Good, normal condition (some faint creases, some very light foxing, and some small damages). The upper verso has been reinforced with the proper imported tape, the original box is in good condition considering it is roughly 100 years old, and the expertly lacquered jikusaki (roller ends) have a fine luster. The ancient auspicious symbolism is: Boatman = A Zen reminder of the importance of setting aside time to contemplate, calm water = a Zen reflection of one’s inner calm, and the Willow = the feminine, power over demons, communication with the spirit world, etc.

15″ x  73″ – $300 – Price includes shipping worldwide! Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity and an email with links to roughly 3 hours worth of further reading and documentary viewing related to the piece. All prices in Canadian dollars. -Paradise Bound on YouTube.

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