Tabira Gyokka – 田平玉華 (1878-1923) – Sansui – 山水

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Tabira-san was born in Ota-shi, Gunma prefecture. After high school, he studied with the great teacher Kawabata Gyokusho and was soon after winning prizes in exhibition. He excelled at landscapes, -especially those which were scenes after heavy snow-falls. Doing many repeated studies out in cold conditions may have had an adverse affect on his health, as he took ill and returned back home, where he continued to sketch and paint outside. Although he yearned to return to Tokyo and further his career, he grew more ill and died at the age of 45. This scroll is in excellent condition with a few small, normal flaws on the painting, and having been mounted, or re-mounted in the Heisei period, it is showing very little wear.


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