Takada Keiho – 高田敬辅 (1674-1756) – Mt. Fuji – 富士山

$10,000.00 CAD

Paradise Bound on YouTube.

Takeda Keiho was one of the top painters of his time. 1) Shiga Prefectural Museum of Art – 2) Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Art – 3) The Smithsonian – 4) Mie Prefectural Art Museum (Nos. 9-14) – 5) Harvard Art Museums – 6) The British Museum – etc.

He was the main teacher of the legendary Soga Shōhaku. Normal, fair-good condition for its age (toning, small damages, small stains etc., -but still very enjoyable).

This scroll is far, far more impressive in person, -especially in natural light. Photography can not do it justice. The ancient Buddhist symbolism makes this scroll auspicious for inner calm, solitude, longevity, a Zen reminded of the intangible things in life, as well as the importance of setting aside time to contemplate.

Size: 27″ x 47″ – All original scrolls come with a sealed document of authenticity. FREE FULLY TRACKED SHIPPING WORLD-WIDE. *Note – This item is in proper storage and requires a special request to be viewed.

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