Takahashi Gyokuen – 高橋玉淵 (1858-1938) – Sansui (Landscape) – 山水


Takahashi-san first studied with Kaneko Tokubei (biographical information elusive) and was able to hone his skills well enough to be introduced by his brother Takahashi Oshin to the great Matsumoto Fuko, and then to the even greater Kawabata Gyokusho. At the same time as he was studying Shijō-ha under Kawabata-san, he studied calligraphy and poetry under Seki Sekko. After he was established, he began showing and winning prizes in exhibitions, one of which was a bronze at the Japan Art Association in 1887. Shortly after this a piece of his was sent to the Bavarian art exhibition in Germany and was afterwards added to the collection of the Imperial Household. This was followed with regular pieces in exhibitions and many prizes, as well as a friendship with Mochizuki Kinpo (whom he formed a painter’s group with). Very good condition (small stains and slight wear to upper part of the mounting). We would be more than happy to explain the ancient, auspicious symbolism of the subject matter upon request. The way Takahashi-san created light and shadow in the clouds, fog and mist is quite impressive when viewed in person.

23″ x 77″ – $525 – Price includes shipping worldwide! Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity. All prices in Canadian dollars. 


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