Takahashi Untei – 高橋雲亭 (1872-1949) – Pine & Reishi – 松と霊芝

$400.00 CAD

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Takahashi-san was considered a literati painter “bunjin”, an academic and a poet who spent most of his professional life in Tokyo. He was born in Seta-gun, Gunma Prefecture and studied buddhist poetry and painting, most importantly under Taki Katei, who gave him the character “tei” 亭 for his passage into becoming a mature painter. He was, as was his master, a member of the Imperial Painting Association, and was also a member of the Japan Southern Buddhism Association. One of his greatest claims to fame is having been chosen by Japanese and Chinese officials over 100 years ago to copy a a fragile historic Chinese tiger flag, the copy of which has since been deemed by China to be an official “Historic National Tresure” (2016) (because the original is missing) and is held in the National Taiwan Museum (which can be seen here beside a modern interpretation). The last picture on this page is one of the best of the reproduction. Documents also show that he was awared “Excellence in painting” from the Ministry of Tokyo in Taisho 5 (1916), as well as a third place prize in Taisho 12 (1923). Since ancient times, the pine has been associated with long life, endurance and steadfastness (because it stays green all year long). The reishi mushroom “lingzhi” in China, is associated with health, well-being, longevity and immortality. The inscription on the painting is Takahashi’s signature and also says that the subject matter of the composition is auspicious for longevity. This is literati painting at a very high level. Comes in its original signed and titled storage box (kiwamebako), which is itself an original document of authenticity. -Some wear in the upper part of the mounting, far from the honshi (main painted area), very slight foxing, as well as minor creases. *Please click on the upper left corner of each picture to expand them.

18.3″ x 77.7″ – $400 – Also comes with our personal sealed document of authenticity. Price includes shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. -Paradise Bound on YouTube.

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