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takeuchi meiho 竹内鳴鳳 a
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Takeuchi Meihō – 竹内鳴鳳 (1888-1945) – Bamboo & Sparrow – 竹とスズメ科

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Takeuchi Meiho was the son of the great Takeuchi Seihō. Of course, having bamboo as one of the characters for your name means that you would probably be a master of painting bamboo, which is evident in this piece. An expertly loaded large brush was skillfully applied to this high quality,  artisan hand-made washi paper. We are very picky about the bamboo scrolls we acquire and we can actually see his father’s hand passed down into the son’s. All kakejiku (hanging scrolls) have ancient (roughly 2000 – 3000 year old) symbolism. Bamboo is auspicious for flexibility and quickly rising to the top, so it is good luck for family success. A sparrow is symbolic of honour and the repayment of debt. There is some mist or fog suggested in the upper part as the bamboo disappears. Mist, fog or blowing snow is a zen reminder of the intangible things in life that we can’t grasp or understand. Elegance and simplicity, as conveyed by this scroll, is a refined trait of Japanese art. Takeuchi-san was a graduate of the Kyoto Municipal Art & Crafts College. He was repeatedly selected for and won prizes in many exhibitions over the years (Emperor’s exhibition 1919 / Teiten 1923 / Bunten 1926, just to name a few). A piece of his entitled “Dog” from 1906 is held in the animals collection of the University Art Museum of Kyoto. His family carried with it such prestige and honour, that his death at age 58 in 1945 leads us to believe that he may have taken his life to preserve his family’s honour in the face of the surrender of Japan to Allied Forces. Fair condition for its age (light foxing and creases and some very small holes near the very top of the mounting). Please click the arrow on the upper left corner of the pictures to expand them.

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