Eichi (Shozan正山) Kato – Kyo-yaki Tea Bowl – 京焼茶碗

$80.00 CAD

This is a gorgeous hand-painted tea bowl by the famous Mino/Seto potter Eichi (Shozan 正山) Kato. It is about 30 years old. He has mastered Kyo-yaki and other ancient methods of making pottery, stoneware and ceramics including Seto ware. Seto ware is the pottery made in Seto city and the nearby areas of Aichi prefecture. Seto was a pottery hub in the Kamakura period, and pieces were called Ko-seto (old seto). Towards the end of the Muromachi period it was moved to nearby Mino. They then became known as seto-yaki. In the early Edo period, some artisans moved back to Seto. Excellent condition. – With gift box. – $80 – Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity. All prices in Canadian dollars. Free shipping worldwide. In-store purchase discount – $20 off!


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