Tominaga Kindō 冨永錦堂 (1876-?) – Cranes & Plum Tree – 鶴と梅

$350.00 CAD


Tominaga-san was born in Oita Prefecture. He studied under the great Tsuji Kakō, who transmitted to him techniques of the Maruyama-Shijō school, as well as some Rinpa, and self-developed techniques. This allowed him to keep pace quite nicely with the highly competitive Nihonga movement.

Surviving records show that he was listed in the official list of famous painters of 1913. He also won several awards in exhibition. Tominaga-san lived in Kyōto.

This scroll is in very good condition and is auspicious for a long marriage. *Photography cannot adequately capture the beauty of this painting.

16.5″ x 71″ – $350 – Price includes shipping worldwide! Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity and an email with links to roughly 3 hours-worth of further reading and documentary viewing related to the piece. All prices in Canadian dollars. Shipped in an industrial strength tube with layers of bubble-wrap.

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