Torii Kiyomasu – 鳥居清倍 (c. 1690s-1720s) – Kusazuri-biki – 草摺引

$180.00 CAD

This piece depicts the actors Ichikawa Danzo and Otani Hiro in the kabuki play ‘Kusazuribiki’: Danzo is trying to hurl a boat into the sea; Hiro is crashing through the side to prevent him. Original made in 1717. Published by Adachi (Adachi stamp on back). Extremely dynamic composition. Very good condition (because of its length, it was produced and sold as a folded print – shows some light aging). Rare. In original folder with descriptive notes. Date:Shōwa period.

– 21.25″ x 12.50″ – $180 – Free shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. In-store purchase discount – $40 off!

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