Torii Kiyomasu II – 鳥居 清倍 (c. 1720-1750) – Actors Kamakura Chôkurô II & Matsushima Hyôtarô – 鎌倉 蝶九郎 と 松島兵太郎

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Torii Kiyomasu II was one of the most prominent kabuki artists of his day, continuing in his master’s footsteps. Kamakura Chôkurô II was very popular in male roles portraying the villain. As his life span seems to have been short, it is more than likely that he lived life raucously (a trait he may have inherited from his father) as was often the case of famous actors that had a fair amount of wealth. He would have been engaged in much drunken revelry when he spent time with the wealthy patrons that wanted to hob-nob with those in the theatre. Very little biographical information about Matsushima Hyôtarô is extant other than some performance dates and the obvious fact that he excelled at onnagataThis print is rare and difficult to acquire.

Made in the exact traditional manner as the original and comes in the original folder with the accompanying notes (in English and Japanese). Date:Shōwa period. -13.5″ x 6.5″ (print size). Excellent condition. Will look very striking in the right frame. – Free shipping worldwide! 

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