Tosa Mitsuoki – 土佐 光起 (1617–1691) – Kodai no Kimi – 小大君

$25,000.00 CAD

An incredible piece of art. More to come!

Tosa Mitsuoki.

Kodai no Kimi.


Signature reads: 駿列住 藤原常昭画 – Shun Retsu Jyū, Fujiwara Jyūshō Ga – Printing on verso of jikubou that can still be read: 土佐 常昭美(宮?)文 – Tōsa Jyūshō Bi Miya Bun (Shun Line Residence, Fujiwara Jyūshō Painting, Tōsa Jyūshō Mi Imperial? Character)  (see line 20 here). *This is a very old way of writing aristocratic Imperial Household script, and we may have made errors in the translation of the last three characters, 美宮文.

Normal condition (small damages, toning, ageing, small stains etc, -but still in very enjoyable condition).

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