Tsukioka Kōgyo – 月岡 耕漁 (1869-1927) – Noh Theatre Character “Tamuramaro Of The Hill”, from 100 Noh Dramas – 能楽百番、坂上 田村麻呂

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Tsukioka-san was, and is still, regarded as one of the top Noh theatre, and figure painting artists of his time. Studying extensively with his father and the great Ogata Gekkō, he became the adopted son of the legendary Yoshitoshi, and himself became a renowned master of figure painting, refining his skills to incorporate the very fine details associated with Noh theatre kimono and costumes.

When expertly matted and framed with acid-free archival materials, this piece will be of museum quality when viewed. Impressive, large, ōban size. Gorgeous, reflective, silver and gold pigments mixed into the head-dress, kimono and fan (expand last picture). Tsukioka-san’s prints could only be hand-printed by the top master-printers, and only after extensive consultation on the details for each print. Excellent condition. Visible woodgrain. Published by Daikokuya in 1924. This is one of the more difficult prints of his to acquire.

Tamuramaro was a legendary nobleman and military officer of the Heian period, who is a good luck deity to some who study traditional martial arts in Japan. This piece is also held in the Art Institute of Chicago (they have the approximated date wrong), the LACMA, and many other top international collections.

10″ x 14.75″ – $400 – Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity. Purchase price includes shipping and an email with approximately 3 hours worth of further reading and documentary viewing. All prices in Canadian dollars.

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