Undetermined Monk – Takeni Jogeno Fushiari – 竹有上下節

$100.00 CAD

“Bamboo has upper and lower joints.” This is quite the zen phrase because its meanings are quite powerful. One reading is that bamboo joints are the strongest parts of the bamboo, so the further away from the joint, the weaker the part of the bamboo. This is true of ourselves in that the further we drift away from our strengths, the closer we get to our weaknesses. Also, since ancient times, bamboo has been auspicious for strong family because it grows up quickly, straight and strong. So, a family must know its strengths and weaknesses in order to avoid failing. On top of that, we understand that there always have been and always will be weaknesses in our family, and that those weaknesses do not render someone any less a part of the same bamboo tree or any less a part of the same bamboo grove. Weak parts will always be with us. So will the strong parts. Let’s use all parts of the bamboo wisely, with care, and with thoughtful consideration. This scroll has many creases.

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