Uragami Shunkin – 浦上春琴 – (1779-1846) – Sansui – 山水

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A master of the Japanese pointillist technique of the time, Uragami-san was from Bizen, and the eldest son of Uragami Gyokudo (1745-1820). He was the eldest boy, and was given the first name “Spring” (Shunkin). His younger brother was named “Autumn”. He grew up in an artistic Samurai household and after extensive training with his father as a multi-disciplined artist and connoisseur, he moved to Nagasaki, where most of the arts and sciences were being imported through Dejima – a man-made island (henceforth, not officially Japanese soil) where foreigners under strict supervision were allowed to temporarily live or visit. After his time there, he returned to Kyoto where he worked and associated with such greats as Rai San’yo, Shinozaki Shochiku, and Tanomura Chikuden. As a painter, he was much more reserved than his father, embracing serenity and tradition over emotion and individualism. The first link of this entry lands on a piece by Uragami in the Burke Collection that has one of the same stamps that was used on this piece. Fair, normal condition (creases, light foxing, small stains and damages). Still very enjoyable and strong. *In proper storage – please contact to arrange a viewing.

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