Utagawa Yoshitora – 歌川 芳虎 (Act. 1850-1880) – Triptych of The 47 Rōnin, 忠臣蔵, The Night Attack of the Faithful Samurai (Gishi Youchi Zu) – 義士夜討乱人

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Yoshitora was a prominent member of the Utagawa School, which was the most influential and prodigious school in the edo period in the realm of woodblock printing. This is a striking and dynamic depiction of the 47 Ronin during the The Night Attack of the Faithful Samurai.

Print size = Triptych (3 prints) – 9.75″ x 14″ each and in good condition for their age (a few creases, small damages and small repairs – please refer to the photos). This triptych is not listed in a museum or available anywhere else in the world at the time of the listing of this auction. Rare. We have been in business for 22 years and all of our art was made in Japan, where we spend a month out of every year visiting family. All original prints come with a sealed document of authenticity (see last picture).

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