Various artists – Pigeons – ハト科

$200.00 CAD

Paradise Bound on YouTube.

This is a “gassaku” – a painting done collectively by two or more artists. It was painted in the style of three different ancient artists and two poets. This very old way of writing is very hard to read. In the styles of: Onishi Chinnen (1792 – 1851), Konatsubara Suikei (1781 – 1835), Kita Busei (1776 – 1857),  Okukbo Shibutsu (1767 – 1837) & Kikuchi Gozan (1769 – 1849). *Not an original. This was painted by a professional artist so that you could enjoy hanging a scroll that is an almost exact copy of a museum quality original.

Good condition.  Date: Showa Period. – 66″ x 21″ – Free shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. -Paradise Bound on YouTube.

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