Wakasa Seigyo – 若狭成業 (1888-1957) – Fisherman & Kindling Bearer – 漁師と樵

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The power of kakejiku painted by great masters to radiate wisdom into the world cannot be overstated. Here, we have what to the untrained eye appears to be a quaint rendering of two peasants about to part ways. To those of us studying the ancient symbolism taught by bunjin (literati painters), we can see that there is quite a sublime statement being made here. Trails are symbolic of life’s journey. The fisherman represents the literati ideal of the purity of the recluse scholar. The kindling bearer, because of his pride in manual labour and hard work, brings home good luck. What is fairly clear here, is that Wakasa-san (who travelled China and was in the direct line of bunjin that included the great Tessai)  is suggesting that by balancing the traits of these two humble pursuits (isolation and contemplation, with pride and hard work) we are more than likely to find our way along the paths of life. This is all reinforced by the presence of the gourd, which since ancient times has been symbolic of “the essence of life” because it holds water and sake. To have the balance of these two in one is the essence of life. Also, the fisherman holds his “catch” – the thing he was striving to acquire. Wakasa-san received his extensive training from great masters, including Takahashi Chozan, Terasaki Kogyo, Yamamoto Shunkyo and Yamazaki Kaido. Wakasa-san’s paintings are not often available internationally.

76″ x 20″ – Small stain center-top. Small damages to the edges of the upper mount. Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity. Free shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. -Paradise Bound on YouTube.

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