Watanabe Kazan – 渡辺 崋山 – (1793-1841) – Bamboo – 竹

$50,000.00 CAD

Watanabe Kazan only lived to be 48 because although he was a devoted Confucian, he did not, (as the Tokugawa Shogunate did), fear more intimate contact with the West. He was supportive of the greater sharing of ideas in the arts and sciences and published writing calling for social change. This conflict led to a ban on his writing and painting that eventually led to his ritual suicide. The painting shows its age, with a few small stains, ageing, toning, silk movement and one area of repair – but is still in very enjoyable condition and is a wonderful, highly skilled rendering of bamboo that imparts deep nature-bonding nuances of solitude, peace, serenity and tender melancholy. Remounted in the Showa period (mounting in excellent condition). It is in what is probably its third tomobako (wood box). Includes 3 previous declarations of authenticity – the one with the darkest tone being the oldest. Kazan’s pieces in museum quality fetch in the millions. This piece is a fine example of Watanabe-san’s  great sumi-e skills and is an important link in the history of the Kanō school and the great Tani Bunchō (arguably his most important teacher), as well as being a surviving work of an important historical figure.

Fair-Good condition. The restoration on the art is barely noticeable from a few feet away. – 23.5″ x 76″ – $50,000 – Comes with 3 documents of authenticity. Free shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. 

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