Watanabe Kyōdō – 渡辺杏堂 (1862-1931) – Sansui – 山水

Watanabe-san was born in Oware province and must have showed enough talent to get him to Kyoto to study with the notable Okumura Sekiran, and then the great Kōno Bairei. Historical records show that he exhibited in exhibition in 1883, received an award of great distinction in 1902, and then again in 1913. Watanabe-san was also a teacher. His lineage flows through the Maruyama-Shijō tradition and his archived signature with another of his many seals can be seen here. Very good condition for its age. Lovely, visually organic silk/cotton blend mounting. We would be happy to tell you the several things this scroll is auspicious for based on the ancient symbolism of the subject matter. *Please click a second time on the top left corner of the pictures to expand them.

24.5″ x 70″ – $325 – Price includes shipping worldwide! Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity. All prices in Canadian dollars. $25 discount for in-store purchase!

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