Yakushi-ji Yasuda Eiin (b. 1938) – 薬師寺、安田 暎胤(1938年)- Muryoju, – Pure Land of Amitābha. – 無量壽


This scroll is appropriate for anyone with a daily mindfulness of the tenets of Buddhism, and especially for those who study Mahayana Buddhism. A Pure Land is the source of all pure abodes, -the wellspring of them it could be said. It is something to meditate upon daily.

Yasuda Eiin is an elder at Yakushi-ji, which is one of the sites that are collectively inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, under the name of “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara.”

The second last picture is a close up of the gold leaf stamp that was applied 11 times (11 is the first of the master numbers and considered to have extra strength throughout the planes of existence) to the surface after it was brushed. This dragon motif is auspicious for male vitality, vigor, achievement, education and enlightenment. It is the water god of the east. The final picture shows Yasuda with one of his larger brushes at a ceremony in Sapporo. Excellent condition.

28.25″ x 50.25″ – $275 CAD –  . Comes with a sealed document of authenticity and 3 hours worth of further reading and documentary viewing. Price includes shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars.

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