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Yamamoto Sekisō – 山本石荘 (1872~1944) – Sansui – 山水

$350.00 CAD

Yamamoto Sekisō, son of Yamamoto Baisō (1846-1921), was one of his father’s best students and received training in the traditions of Nanga painting starting at a very young age. As an artist learning the teachings of monks dating back to  ancient times, he cultivated the practice of extensive reading of the classics of Chinese and Japanese philosophy, painting nature, mastering calligraphy and poetry, and drawing from all of his experiences to marry the different aspects of his knowledge-base to create harmonious works of art that channel zen. He was also a master of painting ceramics. This piece is a smaller size of hanging scroll that is very easy to find space for (especially in small tea ceremony rooms), was mounted in the Showa period and is in excellent condition.

12.5″ x 43″ – $350 – Comes with a signed and sealed document of authenticity. Purchase price includes shipping. All prices in Canadian dollars. $25 discount for in-store purchase!

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