Yoshitsugu Haizan – 吉嗣拜山 (1846-1915) – Bamboo – 竹


Yoshitsugu-san studied calligraphy with Tanso Hirose and then studied painting with Koseki Nakanishi. His nick-name  was ‘left hand Haizan’ because he lost his right arm after major surgery when his house was destroyed in an 1871 earthquake. He spent four months in the hospital. The accident affected his painting style. He lost the ability to exact certain fine details, but he was able to capture a raw energy that he had not been able to create before. Devoting his life to Nanga (and apparently, learning English), his approach to poetry and calligraphy become more steeped in traditional studies and he spent 11 years studying in China. Normal condition for its age (large stain top left corner of mounting – creases on honshi). Good old mounting, fine silk and appropriate wood jikusaki roller ends.


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