Yukawa Shodo – 湯川松堂 (1868-1955)- Plum Blossoms – 梅

SOLD. THANK-YOU! Yukawa Shodo was a highly regarded talent during his lifetime and was a renowned master of bijin-ga, as can been seen here (a similar plum tree). His talent was fostered by Mitani Sadahiro and the great Suzuki Shonen.

As with all Japanese scrolls, there is ancient symbolism in the subject matter. Since plum blossoms bloom in late winter, they are auspicious for overcoming adversity and success. Calm water is a zen reflection of one’s inner calm.

A piece of his in the Mishima City Regional Museum can be seen here. Good condition (a few small, faint stains). Zoge jikusaki roller ends. (only used for prestige scrolls). Comes in a fitted wood box (tomobako).


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