Yasuda Yukihiko – 安田 靫彦 (1884 –1978) – Camellias – ツバキ属

$1,000.00 CAD

Yasuda-san, who had his first retrospective in 40 years at the MOMAT this year (2016) had a long fine career with which he filled with Nihonga that flowed out of his intense study of classical Japanese and Western styles of painting. Here, the dense, rich colours are perhaps partially inspired by Rinpa-ha. Gorgeous and opulent, the piece is actually auspicious for patience and waiting, such is the hana-kotoba (flower meaning) of the camellia. Pieces by this Order of Culture recipient are in short supply (at this writing, no pieces are available online internationally). Engraved by Monju Reizo. Printed by Nakai Isamu. Published by Tanseisha. Dai-oban (large size). In original folder. Excellent condition (some foxing on original outer envelope – some foxing on top border of margins). A dining room or living room prestige piece.

– 18″ x 13.5″ (image size) – $1000 – Comes with a document of authenticity. Free shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars. In-store purchase discount – $100 off!

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