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Yume – 夢 – Dream – Undetermined monk

$100.00 CAD

A wonderful brushing of “Yume” (You – meh), the yet to be determined monk stylized his work to make an eye apparent in the upper part of the kanji, insinuating the inner eye that sees the dream. Long a favorite of monks since ancient times, the dream state is an illusory one that those studying zen seek to understand or at least be in harmony with if what has been seen has intangible meanings. Life is fleeting. We can seek to understand, but if we can not grasp the purpose of dreams within dreams, we should be at peace with that. Excellent condition (bit of fading in the chi [bottom of mount]). Date: Heisei period.

– 48″ x 20″ – $100 – Price includes shipping worldwide! All prices in Canadian dollars.

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