Kanō Chikanobu – 狩野周信 (1660–1728) – Suigō – 水郷 – Waterside Village

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Where to begin…? I never thought that I would be fortunate enough to acquire another piece by the great Kanō school master Kanō Chikanobu (and I’m not selling my other piece – ever). However, my favorite dealer in Japan was kind enough to offer this one to me. This piece comprises many of the subtle techniques of landscape painting that he excelled at. The masterful touch in the bleeding of sumi-e and infusion of different gradations of the ink is quite breathtaking to behold in person. Look long and carefully at the pictures. The mountains sit majestically in the slow, rolling fog, far back from the pine trees in the foreground. The traditional houses are settled humbly in beside the calm river. A tiny, contemplative fisherman stands beside them. The cranes are on their way to their morning feeding ground as the whole scene starts to quietly come awake.

Chikanobu was the 3rd head of the Kobikicho Kanō family – one of the most prestigious families in the history of Japanese art. He painted whole wall paintings for the Tokugawa Shogunate in Edo Castle as well as large folding screens as gifts for the Korean Dynasty. In 1719, he was ordained with the rank of “Hōgen” (法元) for his talents and comportment. This piece pre-dates 1719.

Small normal damages and stains, silk loss and replacement, and toning. Expertly remounted in the Showa period with a beautiful reflective gold silk and brocade that completely changes the piece in varying degrees of illumination or daylight. The same seal can be seen on this piece held by the MFA.

47″ x 28″ – Price includes shipping worldwide! Comes with a sealed document of authenticity. All prices in Canadian dollars. 

*This piece is kept in proper storage. Please give us 48 hours notice to arrange a proper viewing. Location: Cabinet A.

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